Karambir Singh Nain

Thoughts about God


Define God? Define the origin of this universe. Most religions talk about god and our origin without telling much about the motive(they do give some motive of our life, but not any reason as to why God created us).When I think about time and how it governs our universe, I come straight to some questions:

  1. Is time a reality?
  2. Is whole universe is governed by time or just our part?
  3. Will time(as felt by us) be same in some other universe having some other physics laws?
  4. Is God tied in time?

For last question, my mind counters, Isn’t god, God? He must have created time. So now I proceed with this fact- God is not tied in time anyhow.

So why he created this universe? Some religion(Pantheism, Pandeism and Deism) gives a picture that god made this universe and don’t do anything with it. My question is why? Is he just playing around to see how things would go, then he should know it already because he is god(remember our fact). So why is this universe here and how we get our  conciousness(this topic has very good video in “Through the wormhole” series in “Is there a life after Death” Episode.

When I asked some of my friends, they said because God wants us to do this, that… and pray to him. But why God wants to be prayed? He is not human. He doesn’t have any sins that we humans have(humans have desires ).

Whereever I look to the defination of god, I found the defination, characteristics and his intentions to be too humanistic(though many religion says he cannot be imagined, reached or described by us). So sometime i just tell myself that Every God related thing/arguement is here because humans fear. We fear from unknown, from death, from illness(myself included). We fear from our own imaginations(what happens if questions). And then we need something to console us. And we introduced the concept of God(whom we cannot describe, cannot imagine). And who questions the deity who cannot be described?

So concept of god may just be our imagination for our recounciltion in bad times.

For me. I don’t know.