Karambir Singh Nain


I help startups and entrepreneurs launch their Minimal Viable Product(MVP) and scale it for next million users.

I work with clients either from project start or when they need to develop a specific set of features during crunch time. I can also help mentor/scale the early startup team.

In past, I have launched product in following areas:

  • Online education website
  • Fully customized E-commerce solution with Amazon like marketplace
  • Employee healthcare insurance enrolment software
  • Fintech SaaS for SME(Small and Medium Enterprises)

For these I:

  • Use Twelve-factor methodology for best practices in developing software-as-a-service apps.
  • Follow industry leading security guidelines to minimize OWASP Top Ten risks.
  • Apply CI/CD methods to automate most of infrastructure and application delivery.
  • Work with existing teams to deliver features with maximum agility.

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